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Reverse type 2 diabetes with nutrition

Within 12 weeks lowered blood glucose levels with 1,5 mmol/l

Lower your blood sugars and improve your
health in 12 weeks

Using the Clear.bio treatment for people with type 2 diabetes

Blood glucose monitor
The Clear.bio app
Your nutrition coach
Blood glucose sensor
The Clear.bio app
Your nutrition coach

The advantages of the Clear.bio treatment

Measure your reaction to food and learn exactly what you can do

Achieve big results through
small changes
Reduce your physical complaints in a short time
Feel more energetic and lose weight

Big results with small changes
Reduce physical complaints
Feel energetic and lose weight

More than 1,000 people preceded you​

You can revese type 2 diabetes too


More stable blood glucose


More grip on health


Lowered medication in two weeks


Very positive experience
with Clear

Results are based on Clear.bio’s ‘Eten Meten Weten’ study (2022)

They also joined Clear.bio. These are their results!

Clear.bio's mission

Clear’s founders realized they could help millions of people with diabetes by providing personalized insight into the effect of diet on their blood sugar levels.

Clear’s mission is to make better health simple and accessible to everyone. From reversing type 2 diabetes and stopping medication, to weight loss, more energy and a happier life.


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Better health with the Clear.bio treatment

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